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"I stayed for the session to watch my daughter and we both agreed that there were great skills and drills taught and shown but not enough time. It was great having just goalies! Can learn so much more technique and the ratio of player to coach is great!"

"My daughter learned a lot and I could see the improvement in her skills after just 90 minutes in this clinic! Thank you!"

"The location was great. My son has been playing for many years and he had a good time. Coaches were great and he got some good practice."

"My son just started as a goalie this past season and this clinic was perfect for him! He got to focus on his goalie skills and learned a lot. Thank you."

"Iverson had a great time. He learned a lot and feels more comfortable going into his fall season with a new team. I loved how organized everything was. As a parent that pays for this when you show up to a training and half the time is spent trying to figure out who everyone is and where they belong it's frustrating. That was awesome, worth the hour drive for sure and we would do other training for our young goalie. Thank you for all the work you did to make it happen! Great job and very well done!"

"I liked how we were in smaller groups so I had more time to participate in drills. I learned how to turn in the goal which is important to me because I didn't know how to do that."

"My daughter Gianna enjoyed the clinic. She felt it worked her skills and taught her some good drills to use in the future. She liked the staff and said they were friendly."

"My son really enjoyed the goalie camp, he learned a lot. I thought it was very well organized and all participants had equal time working on drills."

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