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The Highlight Film

As goalies grow older and begin to play in high school some of them may decide that pursuing college lacrosse is something they want to do. While college lacrosse is not for every goalie, there are ways to showcase yourself to college coaches for potential recruitment. One way to do this is through a highlight film. Not 100% necessary to be recruited, although it can be helpful. Below are some tips when making a highlight film.

- Keep it short (3-4 minutes)

- Put your best highlights in the beginning (catch the coaches eye early)

- Show multiple highlights (different types of saves, outlet passes, plays outside the cage)

- Vary the clips (don't load up on clips vs bad teams, coaches will know opponents)

- Use different seasons (clips from club and high school)

- Keep the music simple (no profanity)

- Easy to access (YouTube and Vimeo are two good sources)

- Be prepared (test the video to make sure it works before posting/sending)

- Be patient (you won't hear back from every college coach on your film)

Creating a highlight film can be a long process. It can also be rewarding at the end. As technology continues to grow a highlight film is a simple and effective way to showcase yourself when you are not playing. Thoughts, comments, additions, are always welcome!

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