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Finding the Right Goalie Camp

The Summer is a great time to improve as a goalie. For a family, finding the right camp to attend can be a difficult task. With the growth of the sport comes many more camps and clinics being offered. For a goalie, here are my suggestions on finding the right camp for you:

· Improvement: Find a camp where the goalie will improve. A goalie is not going to turn into an All American overnight. Improvement is a long process that has up's and down's, both of which will be experienced at camp. Short-term improvement throughout camp is important for long-term success.

· Learn: Find a camp that stresses teaching. Pay attention at camp. Ask questions to the coaches. Take the drills you learn at camp and continue them after camp has ended. Add your own twist to the drills.

· Challenge: Find a camp that will present a challenge. A challenging drill or camp will lead to improvement. Challenge yourself too. If you see a camp shooter who can shoot hard ask the shooter if they will stay after the night session ends and shoot on you. Make it fun and competitive.

· Size: Find a camp that is the right size. Ask about coach-goalie ratio. Ask about the format of the camp. The more reps a goalie gets the better chance for improvement. Unfortunately standing in a line of 6-7 goalies does not lead to many reps.

· Fun: Find a camp the goalie will enjoy. Many camps will do nightly games or competitions. This is the goalies chance to compete, try new things, and have fun with other campers.

This is just a start to finding the right camp as a goalie. It is important to do your homework as a parent and as a camper when looking for a Summer camp. If there are any additional thoughts or questions please contact the Pipe to Pipe Goalie School staff. Good luck this Summer!

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